Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

Each year the Glenview Community Centre recruit a group of volunteers made up of around 20 young people aged 15yrs-25yrs.  These Youth Leaders commit to attend trainings, holiday programmes and community events throughout the year.  These youth leaders already lead a busy school, sport and home life but are fully committed to being apart of the youth leaders team at our centre.  Their willingness to volunteer their time, hardwork and giving of one self is not only benefiting themselves but also influence their peers and family members and community in general.  These youth leaders are leaders within their communities and will continue to grow and be good, positive useful members of society.  The Glenview Community Centre have committed themselves to help grow our young leaders.  Please phone the centre if you would like to know more about this programme.


Volunteer Excellence Awards 2013

A BIG congratulations goes out to our G-Unit Youth Leadership Team!
They won a Commendation Team Excellence Award which they got a bag of goodies and a $200 catering voucher and a nice framed certificate!

Volunteer Excellence Awards 2013

Our Amazing youth leadership team G-Unit have being invited to attend these awards as they have being nominated for the TEAM AWARD!

Good Luck G-Unit!

These awards will be held on Friday, 21st June at The Atrium, Wintec Campus at 7pm

Recogniz Youth Awards 2012

The centres G-Unit Youth Leadership Team were a finalist in the Dream Team Category (Group award for community involvement and volunteering) along with Greens on Campus and AIESEC Waikato Incorporated.  To be a finalist is a fantastic achievement but to come out the Winner of this catory was AMAZING!  There is no dollar value on the countless hours of volunteering these young people carry out in our community.  Their willingness to volunteer demonstrates a high level of commitment and dedication.


Youth Leadership Camp - "KEEPING IT FRESH"

'KEEPING IT FRESH' is the Theme for our Annual Youth Leadership Camp to be held from Friday 13th April to Sunday, 15th April 2012

Each year the Glenview Community Centre recruits volunteers made up of young people aged 15 to 22 years to join our Youth Leadership Team G-Unit.  These young people commit to attend trainings, holiday programmes and community events throughout the year.  These young people already lead a busy school, sport and home life, but are fully committed to being a part of the G-Unit at our centre.

Volunteering  Excellence Awards 2011

Taryn has been volunteering for 3 years at the Glenview Community Centre, sharing her time, skills and care with the community, and has made a tremendous contribution to the programmes and events that she has supported.

Volunteer of the Year - Youth Award

WINNER - Taryn Fletcher

Nominated by the Glenview Community Centre






 Recogniz Youth Awards 2010

 Balaam Ford winner of the Manaakitanga Award 2010

Balaam's volunteering stretches across Hamilton from the Glenview Community Centre to Hamilton South.  A year 13 student at Melville High School, Balaam's assistant tutoring of the school's culture group at the recent "Pasifika by Nature" festival saw them win the Most Promising Cultural Group award.  School holiday's are spent assisting with the supervision of younger children on the 5 Phat Days Holiday Programme with his time further extended to being an active member of the Youth Leadership Programme.  An excellent role model for teamwork, dedication and commitment, he is an asset to the Hamilton South community with talents that are strengthened by his kind and caring temperament.


Outdoor Pursuits Centre - OPC Scholarship

For the past two years the South Hamilton Lions Club have sponsored each year 2 of our young leaders to attend a 5 day course with other young people from around New Zealand at either OPC Waiheke Island or Turangi.  The young people are challenged in a variety of activities from kayaking, tramping, over night camping, rope courses and team building exercises.  

Our young people have experienced learning new skills, making new friends, enhancing their skills, learning new skills building activities, managing to overcome fears such as: heights and/or water etc as well as a whole lot of FUN too. 

Once again, 2 more young leaders will attend another OPC experience during the September/October school holidays.

Lastly, without the support of the South Hamilton Lions Club this journey would not be possible for our young leaders.